The Opportunity
The next generation of mobile devices and wireless networks is here. They are creating new markets by dramatically lowering the cost of acquiring mobile computing power and connecting the mobile worker to the enterprise.
What We Do
The changing mobile landscape is an opportunity to leave your competition behind. How? AmpThink is focused on building the solutions required to realize these new markets, including mobile applications and wireless infrastructure.
How We Do It
We're applying lessons learned with ruggedized mobile computing, wireless wide-area-networking (WWAN), and wireless local-area-networking (WLAN) to smart phones and tablets, and leveraging the power of cloud-based computing to build innovative solutions for your business problems.
Connectivity is no longer a luxury–your business relies on your network to compete and thrive. Learn how we can help you turn your network into a competitive advantage.
The typical workforce is increasingly mobile, delivering services when and where they are needed. Learn how we enable your mobile workforce.
Time is money. Learn how our staging and logistics solution maximizes efficiency and streamlines deployment.