Mall of America® partners with AmpThink to deliver high density Wi-Fi inside the nation’s largest mall

May 10, 2016

Garland, TX – When Mall of America decided it was time to offer free Wi-Fi for its 40 million annual guests, it turned to AmpThink to design, build and manage the high density wireless network.


“AmpThink has been a key partner in facilitating the connected experience for our guests at Mall of America”, said Jill Renslow, SVP of Marketing and Business Development at Mall of America. “Their industry experience and relationships were instrumental for our Wi-Fi installation, and we look forward to additional growth in innovation and a continued partnership with their team.”


The new Wi-Fi network has proven very popular with Mall guests. To date the network has supported 319,995 unique users and 793,750 total wireless sessions while handling more than 486 terabytes of data traffic. This volume of traffic exceeds the total amount of the last 5 Super Bowls, combined. Guests that use Wi-Fi are lingering 3.5 hours per Mall visit.


The Mall of America footprint covers 5.6 million square feet. Its Wi-Fi network required more than 600 access points, 236,600 feet of CAT6 cable, and 7,920 feet of fiber optic cable to build.


“The Wi-Fi network we built for the Mall is not just big, but complex,” says Bill Anderson, President of AmpThink. “Our Radio Frequency engineers were challenged to develop new methods to calibrate frequencies in order to optimize performance for shoppers as they move in a massive space that has four distinct shopping levels and a large administrative level.”


The AmpThink designed network is running on Cisco hardware. Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) enabled the Mall to use location data for customer engagement and analytic insights. In addition, AmpThink also deployed Cisco’s Stadium Vision solution inside the Mall. Stadium Vision is an innovative video and digital content distribution solution that allows the Mall to centrally manage and target delivery of customized video, sponsor promotions, and relevant event information to any combination of monitors throughout the Mall.