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February 02, 2017

1st post - small

How can technology drive better business results?

At AmpThink we believe the answer to this question is held inside the data.

While the foundation of our company is Wi-Fi, we are working to serve a bigger purpose. We are working to add value to our client’s businesses through technology. We go wherever we Blo

Rather than simply promoting our services this blog will offer our perspectives, learning and even some of the questions we’re asking about issues critical to our work (and our clients’ enterprises). In the posts that follow we will focus on strategic subjects from both technical and business perspectives. Our main purpose in publishing is to help technology end users to lower their overall costs of ownership and strengthen their companies.

As our journey brings us face to face with more complex problems, we will be challenged to develop new solutions. As we move ahead we’ll learn. And as we learn we intend to share. We hope you’ll join us by reading what we’re learning, sharing it with your colleagues and adding your own voice to this important conversation.